Monday, September 17, 2012

Men Naked In the Woods

Do we have to like the characters in a story we are reading?  Or do we have to like everything about our buddy or accountability partner?

  I believe that no matter how vile, one must have a part that we can relate and share empathy with. There, have been plenty of characters that might not be someone I would invite home to dinner. However, there must be a part of the character that is redeemable. or at least a hope that the character will become better in the end. The hope does not need to be fulfilled but if there is no hope than most likely the character will bore us in the end. We must also feel that the character shares a journey with us.  We must also feel equally yoked.  Our friend must not hold his character over us and make us feel like we are nothing and he/she is everything.   This will build towards a manipulation trap.  

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