Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Poetry Museum: Randomness Theory

Mariana Oswald
Jackson Mac Low's  poetry attempts to create order in the random spaces of meaning.   He, to some, is considered a fraud, and to others he is a genius.   One can not deny that his fame has created a solid punch in  the gut to modern poetry. (I found him in  my postmodern anthology of poetry.)  His performances which were featured in Turnips Music Notes, is an attempting to exercise "invention, tact, courtesy, and 'virtuosity with out ego tripping,'"

Trope Market

In the network, in the ruin,
flashing classics gravitate,
snared, encumbered voicelessly.

Teak enticements seek, leaping
fan-shaped arras corners
snore among in backward dispatch.

Panels glow, grown, territorialize
fetishistically in nacreous
instantaneity spookily shod.

Jackson Mac Low,1983

Read a Critique of Jackson Mac Low from Poem Hunter. 

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