Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reading Ventures: Letter to Writers

Dear Frank Portman,

Thank you for your awesome book KING DORK.  I saw the book in the young adult section of the E Library in Lakeland Florida.  The cover seemed interesting, and the fact that you are in the Mr. T Experience was another intriguing factor.   But what I loved most besides the writing was the rock and roll mentions.
  I have found bands that I never ever heard before.   Mr. Portman thank you!

Gregorio Roth

SO I wrote this a year ago and still Frank Portman turns me onto bands, I would never had heard of.   Today I searched Grooveshark, and found Lindisfarne and Alan Hull.   Good stuff to get your morning going. Thanks again, for being the guy who informs the ignorant of great bands.

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