Friday, July 15, 2011

Reading Ventures

 (Responses to Gravity's Rainbow) 

Page Numbers Enclosed and Remark based on my impression follows:

(125) Watch out the refrigerator is cursing me again... that buzz... please make it stop... white noise reduction.  (126) She the moon that affected his inner tide.
(127) This is not a pipe - his cock her axis, she spins from which keeps the moon in orbit.
(128) What is the sound of the melting snow?
(129)Black Falsettos/White Protestants, Static/Dynamic, Melting/Freezing (Every book has an opposite).
(131)Images of Xmas.
(134) Beach closed because of the war.  Sand Castles ran over by Marshall Tanks.
(136) Old men on cell phones looking hip, nursing broken hips from ski accidents.

Typed while Listening to "Teddybear"  - a band from Sweden.

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