Sunday, July 31, 2011

Editor Notes on Project Oakland: Colorado County

Artist Statement: The idea of 55 Word Stories came from a book titled "The World's Shortest Stories" edited by Steve Moss.

Why limit the amount of words used for a certain piece?  The limiting of words forces me to be more creative in telling the story.   I can not waste any words in the piece.   So I am forced to juxtapose a lot of words that may not go necessarily normally together.   The 55 Word Project is my hope to tell some original stories, in a way that forces the story to come alive.  I am sure some will fail, but there will be some that flutter.  The ones that flutter could someday become a bigger story or part of a bigger story.

 I plan to write/publish 365 of them, maybe more-maybe a lot less.
My hope is that you enjoy them.

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