Monday, July 11, 2011

101 Woes, (Musical Reviews)

Woe #24: The Musical Led Wall Between the United States and Canada.


There seems to be a wall between Canada and the United States- musically speaking.   There are so many great bands that no one here in the United States has heard of.   Of course, there are some notable bands (e.g. Crash Test Dummies, Neil YoungAlanis Morissette ).

Last night at the Deli I was discussing music with a customer. He happened to be one of the Tour Bus Drivers for a variety of bands.

He asked me if I had heard of  the band Silverstein.

I replied, doesn't ring a bell.

He said they were Canadian.

 Canada is our most accessible neighbor, but their music seems to be trapped behind a led wall.  The led wall keeps music from coming over State Side and is not heard.  We can hear the static, but the notes are not coherent.
Is this a conspiracy?
Why is this?

 Flash Back - 1999 to a show in Portland Oregon at the Aladen Theatre, and the band the Tragically Hip;  the Canadian Flock was the majority of the Concert Goers, all wore their favorite Hockey Jersey, from their home town province.  I was not wearing a hockey jersey so they asked,  "What province are you from?"
It was a great show, but sadly not many Staters were there.  

Set List for the Tragically Hip 2000 Show at the Aladen Theatre:

1:Grace, Too
2:My Music At Work
4:Fully Completely
5:Puttin' Down
6:Gift Shop
7:The Last Of The Unplucked Gems
8:Springtime In Vienna
12:Nautical Disaster
13:Tiger The Lion
14:Wheat Kings
15:Train Overnight
17:Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)
18:Lake Fever
21:Toronto #4
22:At The Hundredth Meridian
23:The Completists
25:Freak Turbulence
26:New Orleans Is Sinking
27:Fire In The Hole
28:Ahead By A Century
29:Inevitability Of Death

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