Friday, July 29, 2011

Oakland USA

55 Word Stories #1

An Art Muse’s Confession-(Fictional Retelling)

I had a headache, too much alcohol the night before.  I trusted Jackson; but he was violent, especially after an evening binge.  That morning I went to get breakfast, I returned to an empty apartment, I checked the rooftop. The light blazed, and silhouetted two artists; Guston held over Jackon's head.  Art propelled my leave.

This story came from reading the New York Time's Art Section and a column titled Antiques by Eve M. Kahn "Pollock's Art Therapy".  She mentioned that both Jackson and Guston were smitten with the same girl Alice Crosby.  What really got me going was the last line in the article: At one point, Mr. Friedman writes in the biography, "he tried to throw Guston off a roof."  So I thought what would be Alice's take on the whole affair.   

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