Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New York State: Henry Miller-Sexus

Henry Miller writes of his early life in  New York City during the 1940's in his book Sexus.  The book was banned in many countries due to its leud and licentious material. But inside the talk about a cock is a brilliant philosophy on self, love marriage and happiness.  Its like a clam shell on the outside (not much to think beautiful), but inside awaits a shinny pearl encrusted with mucus.

From Wikipedia:
Sexus by Henry MillerBook One, Sexus (1949) details his divorce from his first wife up until his early marriage to his second wife, June Miller. It takes place in New York, where Miller was born and raised and includes portraits of his many friends, lovers and acquaintances, and includes many reminiscences. Furthermore, it provides a view into Miller's ambition and struggle to become a writer—a struggle his friends barely understood.
Miller uses licentious sex scenes to set the stage for his philosophical discussions of self, love, marriage and happiness. [1]

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