Sunday, August 15, 2010

Self Rubrics

When writing reviews I attempt to go over a rubric I made for my writing, here it is… I would love to hear some insight into what you thought about it?

Writing CriteriaPoints
Flow/SparkAre enough words used to be clearly understood but not too many as to make it boring.

Do you bring along the reader into your world… or just start the review in mid sentence of a thought…
Shares a definite POV
Transparent in Political Allegiances
One can easily tell the POV of the author. The author shares where they are coming from.
Digestible by everyone, anyone, not just lit or history majors One does not need a degree in Political Science or History to understand the book.
UsefulnessWas the review Useful? Research needed to see what makes a useful review.
Introduction Summary Sentence.
Author shares the motivation that was there to begin to read book.
Author outlines the evidence collected in telling the tale.
Word ChoiceHow well did you communicate
Do you have a mixture of 8th Grade and Collegiate Words
Did you define all uncommon words.
Sparking Interest in Buying Book:
Why they need the book.
Did you answer why would anyone be interested in this subject?
Are their links to outside resources?
Quotes outside authors and their material.
Desire to share with othersThe Reviews rewarding enough to share with a friend without a fear of embarrassment.
And not something the execs at Publix would frown on.
KISSKeep it simple short and sweet. Do not meander through the daisies
TitleDoes Title both engage and clue in the perspective reader
Be Specific: Were assumptions made
about collected knowledge, should not
be Publix but Publix Grocery Stores. No one in the PDX knows what Publix is….
Integrity Are the examples real or are you attempting
to look smarter than you are?

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