Monday, August 23, 2010

Do you paperback?

In the Temple there Were a Lot of Books
So you have you heard the one about the bar and the termite?

A termite walks into a bar and asks, "Is the bartender here?"

Or the story about my bird Theo and her love for books.

She loves books so much that she will eat right through them…. She ate ten pages of James in one bite.

This weekend I went to the mall of the millennium and one of my buddies carried around his I Pad the whole time. Apple has conspired with and Barnes and Noble to get rid of paper based books and replace them with books by download? Are readers and their paperbacks as good as dinosaurs, ready for extinction and possibly fossil fuel in the next ice age. I think not here is why:

Books are simple, they do what you want them to do every time. If they don't then you are probably reading the wrong book.

Books are durable: If you drop books in water they are still useable I am not so sure about my friends I Pad. If I was to drop the IPAD in water it probably would fry the circuit board. The IPAD may also download a virus which will make it impossible to use. It is nearly impossible for a book to catch a virus. Also my friend has to worry about charging it every night; a book can just be left on the bedside table and picked up in the morning for hours of enjoyment.

Books don't make annoying sounds.

Books don't need passwords to be opened up.

Books don't need to be updated by expensive software, or have to buy a case for $45.00 to keep it safe…
In fact books are an incredibly good price, a used book can cost as low as $1.00. Tell me what you can buy for a dollar in this inflated fiscal world.

Books don't run on batteries that only last three hours.

Have I convinced you yet? If not then hey, why don't you test read a book yourself, it's free at the local library; then let me know how it was for you… I would love to hear your tale! Thanks for your time and I hope to see y'all really soon with a book under your arm that you want to tell me about!!

This was written for a Publix/Boars Head Training Assignment I had to give today around 5pm. The assignment was Dynamically Sell something make me want to have some of it... Greg is currently reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte the paperback version...


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