Monday, July 5, 2010

Dark Dreary Night in Monticello

UPON THE HALF decayed porch of a small frame Old Catholic Church, we were waiting for the HauntedMonticello Ghost Tour to begin. One could tell that the Church was made out of a love for Christ, because of the detailed masonry and eye for perfection found in the sanctuary's design. 
Outside the church it was a dreary night.   Tallahassee was being washed out by torrential downpours, and lightning strikes every ten feet. Monticello was so far clear of any rain or any threats from lighting. 
The tour guests were arriving with expectations of seeing a real ghost.
"Do y'all find any actual ghosts on this tour?", said a man wearing an "Astro Boy" t-shirt.
"Well last night… one of our guests thought she fell into a spider web; but in all actuality it was a ghost." said the tour guide.
The tour guide, Margaret Defraud,  was dressed up in a Victorian style dress.  
She knew what the guests were thinking,  "history is spooky".  
But I will show these Yahoos, I will disprove their doubt that "History is bunk!" I will replace this notion with History is a living breathing thing.  History is a monster that stalks its victims." 

I will walk them down that darkened street damned street Stoneham.  Stoneham Street which served as a conduit for lost souls.  Stoneham Street which was always five degrees cooler compared to adjoining streets.  She had witnessed that the wind moved constantly there. 

Margaret Defraud  believed Stoneham Street was an express way for Lost Souls.

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