Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Writing Lessons: Where did you get that name?

Where do you get ideas for names of places and people?
One can use real names but this is very very very dangerous.   So one suggestion could be to use the names in the back of a good dictionary, in the section titled Biographical names.   Then change the name slightly.   It is also a great place to find out the main character traits of a personality.  Deffaund, Marquise 1697-1780 nee Marie de vechy Chamround Fr. Woman of Letters.    So now you can change the name to Margaret Deffaud who is a women with a black book in her back pocket, who is always jotting down notes.    Then you can place her in modern times but with a value system from the 1700's.  She can feel disjointedness from  time because she really belongs to the old time period, this will create personal crisis in her life, conflict builds up the story.   Try this next time you are stuck with finding a person's name.

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