Friday, July 2, 2010

I Dream Of New Belgium Fat Tire Beer Sipped from My Backyard

Oh yeah, I did have a dream:  I was cruising on Alameda (in Denver Colorado) on a bike, but Alemeda had been transported to here in Lakeland Florida.   I passed a liquor store.  I took a double look, and saw that their was a sign for New Belgium Beer's Fat Tire,   one of the best beers ever,  so I get all excited because Fat Tire can not be acquired east of the Mississippi River region,  I go inside the store, leaving my bike unlocked outside.   They have set up a jug pouring business where one can buy a jug and fill the glass jug with the amber liquid.  I pour myself a jug and leave with anticipation of a great drink, but when I get outside the liquor store, there is no bike to be found.  I walk home with contentment as my guide.  

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