Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Etymology: Jeep

Jeep Brought Home to Popeye
Jeep a great vehicle, but where did they get that name?  I know where Tacoma is?  I know what a Super Nova is!  Impalas run fast!  But where did they get that name for the ultimate fun on four wheels?

The name, Jeep, came from a moment in 1936 when Olive Oyl (Popeye's Girlfriend) delivered a package that contained a small animal.   The sound the creature made was JEEEP!

And then Popeye deemed the new Pet, "Your Name will be Eugene Jeep!"...

Now to the vehicle:The U.S. Army needed an all purpose vehicle for military use.   The U.S. manufacturers came out with the G.P.  (General Purpose).  But what type of name is G.P:  (Gang Plank, Go Push it, Genuine Particle).   The army privates pronounced it geep, the vehicle then became known as Jeep.   The general enlisted grew affection for a vehicle named after Popeye's lovable pet.

By far FORD is more popular than Jeep or Oldsmobile; according to the NGRAM viewer.

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