Thursday, October 18, 2012

Musical Notes and Mathematical Tragedies

What am I listening to currently, week of 10-18-2012:

  1. Jarvis Cocker (known for his stint as the frontman for Pulp).  I love his quirky lyrics, they tell of a life so normal that it seems to be odd.  I love writers and Jarvis Cocker is definitely a  humorous writer:

    And so I come to you filled with guilt and self-loathing
    And I am praying that you could make me good
    And so I fall upon your neck just like a vampire
    Yeah, like a vampire who faints at the sight of blood
  2. London Phillharmonic's The Greatest Video Game Music. 
  3. Unashamed Ad for Spotify  
    I am now subscribed to Spotify and think that it is such a place of discovery for music.   Check it out and I bet you will love the service.  

Mathematical Tragedies the history of Pi

1699: Sharp used Gregory's result to get 71 correct digits
1701: Machin used an improvement to get 100 digits and the following used his methods:
1719: de Lagny found 112 correct digits
1789: Vega got 126 places and in 1794 got 136
1841: Rutherford calculated 152 digits and in 1853 got 440
1873: Shanks calculated 707 places of which 527 were correct
 2012 Rothbard finished scarf of Pi.  

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