Friday, October 12, 2012

Reviews: Cool Ideas

Independent minds float, on freedom of ideas.

I love the freedom of E books because:
  1.  One does not have to go somewhere to get the book.The bookstore, library, or bookmobile does not have determine what you read.
  2. The reader can choose the price they are willing to pay for the books, or how much they can afford to pay in order to get a book. 
  3. Classic books are free and can be found most easily.  This has increased the reading of 19th century literature.  I am appreciating ROMANTIC writers, because of Good Reads and
  4. No back aches. Imagine if I had to lug around 303 books in my backpack, I could not move the bag.  Lets see 303 books each book a pound, that is 303 pounds.  Eecks. 
  5. The Humble EBook group has even allowed the buyer the role in how the funds are to be divided.  One can give 90% to the author, 5% to the Publishing Company, and 5% as a donation to the chosen charity.   

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