Friday, October 26, 2012

On Monsters

On Monsters and Especially the Damnation Game, and Hell Raiser by Clive Barker

from the Institutes of the Christian Religion

Seneca's complaint, as given by Augustine De Civit. Dei, c. 10, is well known.

"The sacred immortal, and invisible gods they exhibit in the meanest and most ignoble materials, and dress them in the clothing of men and beasts; some confound the sexes, and form a compound out of different bodies, giving the name of deities to objects, which, if they were met alive, would be deemed monsters."

Calvin, John (2008-04-03). Institutes of the Christian Religion (Kindle Locations 1845-1848). Signalman Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Anything constructed outside of God's will becomes an ugly perversion of what had one purpose and then takes on a monstrosity, a compound out of different bodies.   Frank has to reassemble his destroyed body through the blood of other people.   This is the monster that is created in Hell Raiser.   We see a man who in order to live most shred men and profit from their skins.    

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