Saturday, October 6, 2012

Interest of the Saturday Afternoon Club

In Synch with Numbers?

  1. Grant's Overland Campaign, during the civil war (May 4June 24, 1864) lasted exactly forty days.  
    • Casualties and losses
      55,000[2] 32,000[2]
  2. What Really Happened at Promontory Point Utah: 
    •  The Official Picture was this one, can you spot any one that is Chinese or Asian? 

    • Chinese Americans had a large part in creating the Trans Continental Railroad.
 3. Synesthesia: Is a condition that some people see numbers and Letters as colors.  Here is an example of how one might see:

    Thoughts worth pondering:

    How many stripes does a Zebra have?  Both Black and White?
    Why was the Zebra never tamed, or husband like its cousin the horse?

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