Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gregorio Roth's Sandwich of the Week: a tribute to Ragin Cajun Fans

1. Savory Remoulade Cajun Style Gourmaise (As Needed) Boars Head Trademarked...
2. Cajun Turkey 6 oz
3. Baby Swiss 1 oz
4. Mayonaise (As needed)
5.French Bread Loaf 
6. Six Garlic Pickles 
7.  3 Red Onion Rings (as Justin Wilson said Oh Weee So Good). 

The art of a good sandwich is to do everything just right.   First cut the French loaf in half, and then lengthwise; separate the two halves.   Then add mayonnaise generously or lightly (you choose).   Then add the Cajun Gourmaise not too much, just enough 
to taste well.   Then add about 6oz of Boars Head Cajun Turkey, when you put the turkey on lightly fold it, so that air can breathe in between the slices, somehow this tastes better.  Then put two slices of Baby Swiss on the sandwhich.   Add Six Garlic Pickles and then add three red onion rings.  In memory of Justin Wilson close the sandwich and say loudly: 

"Whoooo Boy; Sooo Gooood! 

This sandwich will taste really good pressed on the grill, or on a sandwich press.  

If you are by my Publix Deli on Bartow Road in Highland City Town Center, stop by and ask for Greg and I will make y'all a Ragin' Cajun.  

Note: I do work for the Publix Deli where we do sell boars head products.  But I think the Boars Head line is really good because it does not add preservatives, colors, or fillers to its meat.  

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