Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iron and Chromium a Composite Made in Heaven

Iron_profile I am Iron and my Wife is Chromium: Are we combustible?

 Nope! In fact they work well together and Iron is able to help Chromium in her future reactions.   

V. P. Chepeleva1, 2, V. G. Delevi1, 2, T. A. Lyudvinskaya1, 2, L. V. Trunevich1, 2 and R. K. Tkachenko1, 2

(1) Institute of Superhard Materials, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Ukrain
(2) Institute of Materials Science, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Ukrain
Received: 18 May 1981  
Conclusions  The sintering of a chromium carbide composite is accompanied by the formation of a stable carbide (Cr, Fe)7C3, whose relative iron and chromium contents are determined by the chemical composition of the matrix phase and temperature. The relative amounts of the matrix and carbide phases in the charge, type of the starting carbide, and the latter''s iron content have no significant effect on the composition of the carbide phase in the resultant sintered composite. The discrete character of dissolution of iron in the carbide Nr7N3 and closeness of resultant carbides to the stoichiometric composition Nr4Fa3N3 or Cr5Fe2C3 lead to the conclusion that during the sintering of iron-chromium carbides the iron does not merely act as an alloying element, but rather takes part in the carbide formation reaction.

Greg is Iron:
You are strong in character, emotions, ethics and physically. People who know you believe you are reliable and steady. You say what you mean and you will follow through with it because you weighed the positives and negatives of the commitment before you even said yes. Life may though difficulties your way but you are able to cope with them because of your strength.

Jessica is a Chromium:

What "Periodic Element" are you?
Jessica took the "What "Periodic Element" are you?" quiz and the result is Chromium.
Most people of this type tend to be distract easily. It is hard to maintain your attention span on something for too long when a "shiney object" comes along and distracts you. You could be sitting in a meeting or in class daydreaming and when addressed directly with a question, you must either admit to being distracted or come up with some dodge to get around answering the question you truly didn't hear. Stick to short-term projects. You will have better success there.

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