Friday, April 16, 2010

Redux: Turtles Prayer written by Gregorio Roth

Turtles Naked Answer to a Prayer

Turtle sat curled up in his shell, shivering. He knew it wasn't supposed to be 32 degrees in Lakeland Florida. He could not remember it ever being this cold.
He thought to himself, "Man, any way to get it warmer."

He prayed to God, "Please LORD I am only a little turtle but make it so I wont shiver anymore!"

The LORD answered his prayers: a huge thunderbolt electrified the air and hit the shell, alighting it on fire.

Turtle was kindled by the flame and ran right out of his shell... shivering in the cold January Florida air.

(Moral: Be careful what you pray for, and never pray for patience).  Also remember that God works his plan of redemption most accurately in the natural way of things.  A miracle of heat was not good for the turtle.

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