Sunday, April 25, 2010

Redux: Best of Ten Commandments of Gregorio Roth

I. Mondays are to be avoided.

II. Eat a Reuben on Rye when you are about to stress.

III. Do what you love the money will find you!

IV. Friends drink good coffee together.

V. Jumping on beds, with a fan over the bed, not such a good idea.

VI. Cats are evil.... they know when you are allergic to them.

VII. Friends root for Florida State not Florida, Friends root for Colorado not Nebraska.

VIII. Thou shall never leave the towel on the floor or on the bed... (My wife put me up to it!)

IX. Thou shall always finish one project before moving onto the next...

X. Thou shall be thankful to all... then life is a pleasing aroma!

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