Saturday, April 10, 2010

Googling Quotes

The Far Field by Edie Meidav had two front quotes. One was from Wallace Stevens. I googled the quote and found that it came from a letter written in 1938. Googling-Quotes can be eye opening and expand the meaning of a book, enjoy the quote:

To Ronald Lane Latimar      Hartford Conn.

                May 23, 1938

Why don't you and Mr. Richmond go to Ceylon instead of Mexico?

In Mexico life is altogether without a thesis; It is a lot of scenery and economics based on charity. But in Ceylon the scenery is much finer, life is almost wholly a thesis; there is no end of sea and no end of mountains. I don't really believe that it would cost vastly more, going by the Dollar Line, and you would be as safe from the time you leave until the time you return as you would be a in a safe deposit vault.

Yours very truly,

Wallace Stevens

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