Friday, October 1, 2010

Guinea Pig is Bored

Another day grew into another night; another day and another night; the Guinea pig Spook ate, slept, and slept growing tired of the Sisyphus Cycle.

Finally the Spook had enough of eating, shitting, and sleeping, and decided she would attempt to escape.   The night finally came when the owner put shampoo in her fur and messaged it all around her crazy curly fur.  She waited till the shampoo was washed off; then Spook bit down on the plainly visible arm of her owner.

And then Spooks ran.   Spooks slid across the wood floor, headed across the kitchen, to the dinning room, and out the back door.  The owners husband opened the back door, spooks darted through the gap in the door, and slid into the sunny driveway.

  Spooks attempted to cross the tar black road.

Just then a neighbors car went speeding down the street.  The neighbor did not see the Guinea pig.
Car tires hit Squeaks.  Squeaks flew up into the air, and then landed on the ground, only to be hit  a second time,  Spooks lay on the street a fresh meal served up to the neighboring Turkey Vultures.

Then spooks woke up from a really nasty dream.

Adopted and Retold by Gregorio Roth from the Scandanavian Folk and Fairy Tales edited by Claire Booss.  

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