Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Short Review of "A World without Islam"

A World Without IslamA World Without Islam by Graham E. Fuller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 A World Without Islam shows that we need to check our assumptions at our proverbial check points.   It is not good to call others names or to assume you know their position, just because that's the socially accepted answer.  The book does a great deal to cover the historical context of east vs. west.

Fuller makes a sound apologetic that a world without Islam would still be a world full of us vs. them; the only difference would be that the Western Christians would be attacking the Eastern Christians.  Religion is just the banner that both sides fly in their war on correct theology. 

The answers are the easy stuff... the easy stuff learned in Kindergarten. We must listen to our brothers.  We must keep our hands to ourselves.  We must not throw stones at others, unless we intend those stones to be thrown back on us.  The world is complex, divergent; and we must embrace this complex divergence and grow in our compassion to "the Other".   

The book was worth the time and study.

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