Monday, October 4, 2010

Olde Bull and Black Bear Partners

Why Black Bear hates Olde Bull!
Once upon a time... (as all good stories should start)... Old Bulle and Bear owned a field in common. The field was a small lot weeded out, plowed, and surrounded by a thick field of saw palmetto.

They met one night in the middle of the field, before planting season,  to come to terms with the use of the field.
The sky hung over their heads. The stars shined as if candles hung at church. The moon was full. And the field could be seen clearly by both Olde Bull and Bear.

They both drank Rye Whiskey and Black Berry Liquor, enough to make the world seem like it was about to tilt over and spill out all of contents .

Olde Bull finally spoke, "Well I dear say, if you like we can grow peas this year! And if you would also like I will take the top and you can take the bottom."

Bear thought the idea was splendid and said, "Why sure that is a grand idea!"

The days grew shorter and it was time to harvest.

Bear was not pleased because all he was left with was weedy stringy roots and plenty of dirt.  

But Olde Bull reminded Bear that they had previously agreed upon this; "and that well a contract is a contract -so all should be well- but since I am a generous Olde Bull and can see that you are not pleased this year why do we not grow sweet potatoes."

Bear loved sweet potatoes and his mouth began to water.

Olde Bull continued, "And since last year you took the bottom and I took the top, why not this year you take the top and I take the bottom."

Bear agreed.

The days grew shorter and it was time to harvest the small field.

They harvested.
Bull was very pleased by the crop, he held up his meaty sweet potatoes with glee, thinking to himself "these are blue ribbon sweet potatoes for sure."  Bear was not pleased.   All he was left with was stringy leaves.   Bear teared up in frustration, and swore he would never work with Olde Bull again.

Adopted and Retold by Gregorio Roth from the Scandanavian Folk and Fairy Tales edited by Claire Booss.  Attempting to get better as a story teller so I am working on retelling tales from a few collections of Folk and Fairy Tales.  

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