Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grandma Pearl's Words on Creativity:

Raymond Loewy Designer of the Modern Image 
I consider myself very luck that in middle age I have been able to develop a new exciting outlet for that tiny spirt of artistry I had often felt.   Thanks to App School and talented dedicated teachers I am just beginning to know the joys and satisfaction of light and color.   I no longer see a tree with some leaves.   I see the beauty of line and form.  This heightened observation or nature is one of the delights that has come to me thru trying to paint.  Since Childhood I have looked at and admired masterpieces of art.  I still look and admire but now I see what makes them great- all the elements of good design are there.  I know I shall never be a really good painter but I do know that for me Painting is more than a past-time it is a fulfillment. (This note was found in a recipe box, made by my grandfather, the note was tucked away for posterity.)

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