Thursday, April 14, 2011

42 Days with Huck Finn 37:42

Looted Walls

Shirts, spoons, candles, plundered delights.
From small holes in the walls, mice peep,
blamed for all trickery done dirt cheep.

Aunt Sally is ready for a prizefight.
Hot, red, cross, holding her temper in with might;
we become blue from the news, we're ready to reap,
what we stole, when the house was asleep.

"The calf got the shirt last night.
But what became of the spoon, this is insane!"
cries Aunt Sally, "Where's the moonshine!
Where's Alibaba and his caravan?
We can't let them carry loot to Palestine.
Or is this a mission God willed?
all the mouse holes must be filled."

Poetry Influence by Barnabe Barnes (c. 1571—1609).  Barnabe was an English poet. He is known for his Petrarchan love sonnets and for his combative personality, involving feuds with other writers and culminating in an alleged attempted murder.
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