Friday, April 22, 2011

XLII Days with Huck Finn XLI: XLII

Good Friday 1884 Floating Down Yonder

Dreams shot Tom to the rimed abyss,
Sleep begets sleep and Tom Dreams:

 Doctor says, "Suck on this here cannabiss!"

Meanwhile Huck floats down into the jet stream
and runs into kin while white washing downtown

"Where you've been Tom?  Why you in this town?"

Family fear of Injuns dried up in the day.
A Cigar Store Injun stood and obeyed,
his lips did not move, quiver, or admit,
to the crimes done by the White Jesuit.
Noble Injun stood with a brave request,
"Stop blaming us reds/the middle-east/
and the Chinese for all the great defeat.
You owe plenty to man's judgement test."

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