Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moby-Dick In Verse II

Merchant Marine Dreams of Sleep

From Ishmael's a musings he tramps on;
into New Bedford he is bound to gratify:
find a ship and eat his piece of sea-pie.
Ishmael passed stately inns of corruption,
he could not afford that kind subjugation.
He had missed his boat, Fates roll of dice,
and now he wanted rest, an Inn to lie
down in.   That's when he happened upon
a Black Angel of Doom who told of God's due,
he sat looking at his torn old black shoe,
the sermon shook Ishmael to the marrow
of his bones, and he prayed for his sorrow.
He knew he was a czar of an ice palace,
and asked, "How far away was God's grace
in New Bedford a place like Gomorrah.
O' to lie down in "Coffin's Inn" tomorrow.

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