Thursday, April 28, 2011


Truth Seekers in Tibet

We met 42 years ago now,(my has it been that long?) Tibet I believe, yes, it was Tibet. 
I was seeking enlightenment and peace at that remote, sheer walled, glacial monastery. I found you battered and broken slumped against a boulder, after what appeared to be a skiing accident (your foot had actually come out of the locked boot, leaving the ski and boot free to ski its way down through to the neighboring village... ouch!). I carried you the 6 winding miles up the mountain through waist deep powder to the monastery, where the other monks and I nursed you back to health, and taught you lessons of the way, and stories too numerous to tell here... It was a defining moment of my life meeting you... I still have never been able to explain the strange color of your blood, nor what appeared to be, in my opinion, some sort of bionic or metallic inner skeleton we found under your skin as we mended your wounds...

I am thankful for my friend Jason Augustitus,  I hope one day we can meet up back in Shangri La, until then I pray that shalom will be his state of mind.  

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