Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moby-Dick In Verse I

On Whaling Ships All Sailors Brave In Heart.

Ishmael driven to leave urban decay,
distinctive posts and offices left with haste,
leaving today, high caste for the downcast.

"Grin and bear it!" the new officers say.
"Grin and bear it, it is the sailor's way."

Grin through the ache of cat calls from the cast,
of prisoners, ungraced, hard-faced,  pug faced
flotsam crew;  in the midst, the fates will weigh
what will become of me in God's agency.

The fates will dog me, and influence me,
they do not let me choose what is my gain.

All Captains are schoolmarm who reign
on their private islands; "God Save Me
from the evil aboard this log in hard rain."

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