Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Blog 2012: Turnips 365

Cartoon by Gregory D. Rothbard
I am starting a new blog that will begin on January 1st 2012.  It will be my journal of creative ideas and short story ideas.  I found that Tending Turnips was getting bogged down by two many forms of writing.   Tending Turnips is my cultural reviews and book reviews; Turnips 365 will be my attempts at writing fiction for 365 days during the year of 2012.
Polycarp55 is my religious journey.
 And words people say is my dictionary of terms I want to share and hopefully remember. 
 I hope to find the time to write fiction everyday; it does make me a wee bit nervous to try my hand here, but one should feel butterflies, before anything that is worth the time to pursue. Thanks for reading, Gregory D. Rothbard

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