Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review John Peel Record Stacks from the BBC

John Peel was a personal hero of mine.   He brought me through the chaotic rendering of "so much music".  His voice on BBC Radio One introduced me to bands in a way that comforted my young curious mind.   I needed someone to take me under their wings and tell me, "Check this out man, what do you think, hmmm...."  and John Peel was that man.

It was a pleasure to listen to his show.  The one thing that made him stand out was his lack of need to sound cool.  He never sold out.  He never would use a voice modulator to sound cool. He played the music he liked and thought others might.  Heck, he was first person to listen and love the White Stripes, way before they were cool. He was the incredibly genuine John Peel. 

No one, and I mean no one has had the affect that John Peel had on my life with music. Okay, besides my brother Andy.  But with Andy I was nervous to pick music he might consider uncool.   My brother Andy is the muse of music for my family, he rocks and deciphers music boldly.  But beside my brother, John peel had the greatest affect on my likes for music.  I miss his hour of great music, too bad he didn't live a bit longer.  No one has replaced his position of musical guru since his death in 2004.  I miss him greatly.   He would have been a great immortal.

Below you will find the episode one of a four part you tube download of a documentary from our friends over the pond, about the great John Peel and his tastes for music.

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