Saturday, December 24, 2011

Innagural Winter Story Festival 26:27

Twas the Night (Late) Before Christmas by Richard Armour 

"The hour was now midnight and quite a bit past,
But our labors, thank Heaven, were finished at last...
As we gazed at our efforts through lead-lidden eyes
And thought of the morrow and shouts of surprise,
We prayed that the children, the morn of St. Nick's
Would please not awaken at least until six!"

The whole version of this poem is hilarious, however, this is not available in the public domain; and I do not want to get sued for printing this poem in whole, without permission from the author.  Hopefully, someday this 1947 poem will be published on the public domain to rekindle the fun spirit of Richard Armour.

An Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor, ed. Cerf, Bennett (New York: Modern Library, 1954), 478-479. 

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