Friday, December 23, 2011

Bard of Roth's Jukebox

Do you have a difficult time find the right album for your teenage audiophile?  Let Twist and Shout Records lead you to their list of the best of 2011. Twist And Shout's List.  I love Twist and Shout Records, a store ran by the cat of two retired math teachers from Denver Public Schools.  I used to go to the shop all of the time when I was living on Bayuad street in the Washington Park area of Denver, Colorado.   I spent countless hours listening and honing my love for music. 
Wooden Shjips received second place on the list, right behind Tom Waits.   Wooden Shjips are a pyschadelic band from San Francisco, so not really my cup of tea.  I did like listening to Destroyer which was fourth on the list. Of course Tom Waits won! 

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