Thursday, December 22, 2011

Innagural Winter Short Story Festival 23:27

IF there is any team that most represents the dad.

Santa Claus is in the Living Room, written by Santiago Roncagliolo


Theme or Short Introduction

Memoir of living in a screwed up broken family. 

Intended Audience



Short story.

Memorable Quote

The new boyfriend treated me well and made Mom laugh. On the other hand, Dad . . . well, he kept on being Dad. He went along promising me that one day he’d get back with my mother and from time to time made tender gestures – like bringing her flowers or giving her a kitten. Without fail, those gestures backfired: Mom would find out he’d stolen the flowers from the neighbor's garden. Or she’d remind him – at the top of her lungs as usual – that I was allergic to cats.

Feedback Requested

I hope to keep Tending Turnips short and simple and easy for readers to find good short-stories.  I think having headings will enable the readers to find the story with more ease. Let me know if this is helpful, thanks Gregory D. Rothbard 

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