Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Innagural Winter Short Stories Festival 8:27

Father Frost a Russian Fairy Tale:
Fairy Tales are dark things.  They tell us of a subteranean darkness.  This story is similar to the little match girl, in that it shows the need to protect youth from the adult mean world.

Deserted by her father, the poor girl sat down under a fir-tree at the edge of the forest and began to weep silently. Suddenly she heard a faint sound: it was King Frost springing from tree to tree, and cracking his fingers as he went. At length he reached the fir-tree beneath which she was sitting, and with a crisp crackling sound he alighted beside her, and looked at her lovely face.

I was listening to the Schnitt-Show yesterday, and he was talking about a teacher who told her elementary class that Santa was not real.   This is not her job.  Her job is to allow the children to be formed by their parents, and allow these parents to celebrate the miracle of St. Nick.  A teacher should protect her students from the cynical adult world.  The only cure from the icing of ones heart is to embrace the myth.  The Father Frost story ends with a warning about what happens when adults keep the warmth of home away from their children.
"At that moment the door flew open, and she rushed out to meet her daughter, and as she took her frozen body in her arms she too was chilled to death."

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