Monday, December 12, 2011

Innagural Winter Short Story Festival 13:27

Christmas Wedding by Vylar Kaftan

The story begins with a wedding in Florida.  The first sign that something is wrong in this Science Fiction Christmas story is the mention of snow in Florida.  Snow in Florida can happen, but there is enough snow to make snowballs, this is very unlikely; so what has happened?  Doomsday Scenarios? And while it snows in Florida, Mel prepares for a wedding day on Christmas:

Through the door she saw hundreds of poinsettias, clustered around the small chapel. The red-and-green centerpiece on the altar blossomed like a holiday garden. White candles, wreathed with pine, flickered on the sides of the pews. Collagework covered the walls–thousands of pictures, carefully clipped from bridal magazines. Green garlands edged the windows at the chapel’s sides, framing the snowy scene outdoors. Red and green ribbons draped down from the ceiling, connected to a suspended cluster of–
“Mistletoe!” she exclaimed.

Can tradition exist in a snow day in the post apocalyptic period?  Can non traditional love (three ladies getting married)find traditional form during Christmas?  

Now she had to hold herself together like a vase glued with elementary school-paste, until there was a time and a place to be vulnerable.

Love cracks into the guarded places when we are most vulnerable.  I knew I wanted to marry my wife when she provided shelter, during my first hurricane experience in Florida.  It was a small hurricane but knowing that she was willing to put up with my fear encouraged the love I had for her.  This story illustrates how people gather together during the toughest times; that what really matters is our personal relationships with people who are in our immediate, and non traditional families.  

Christmas Wedding by Vylar Kaftan (Double Click To Read)
Story was listed in the Top Christmas Stories.

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