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Time Travel with Phil ROUS 16:29

“Estragon: We always find something, eh Didi, to give us the impression we exist? Vladimir: Yes, yes, we're magicians.” ― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

The Price of Oranges Nancy Kress1989

The Plain Facts

  1. Length:24 Pages
  2. Genre:Science Fiction
  3. Category:Time Travel in the Era of New Wave Science Fiction (Hard Core Science Fiction)
  4. Characters:  Harry, Jackie, Manny, Robert Gernshon
  5. .
  6. Setting
  7. .
      • New York
      • Time From Time To
        1937 1989

  • Culture Clash

      • 1937 Man vs. 1989 Man.

    So, what's It About Man?

    Two old men setting on a park bench waiting for the world to return to a better time. They converse about a nihilistic grand-daughter. The story is written with a heart for the characters. Can there be a nobody from a given age who can show us what love is? The author also asks what is the weight of history?

    Vegetable Juice

    First Words

    "I'M Worried about my granddaughter," Harry Kramer said, passing half of his sandwich to Manny Feldmann.

    Last Words

    "Enjoy," Harry said. "It cost me ninety-two cents."

    Favorite Quote

    1. He imagined Barbara's life as a large roulette wheel like the ones on T.V., little silver men bouncing in and out of red and black pockets.
    2. For her it was so real that it was natural weather, unexpected maybe, but not strange, out of place, not out of time.

    What I Loved About the Story

        • The use of the metaphor where did all of the Cowboys go! And the twist on love here.  This story also used the play waiting for Godot as a basis for telling a story. 

    Turnip Tips

  • Read her blog.
  • Read the story "Fountain of Age"
  • Interview with Nancy Kress.
    1. Words Defined:

      word definition
      theosophy Religious philosophy or speculation about the nature of the soul based on mystical insight into the nature of God.

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