Monday, February 27, 2012

Notes on Authors

Stephen King is our Charles Dickens:
"I'd say what I do is like a crack in the mirror. If you go back from the books from Carrie on up, what you see is an observation of ordinary middle-class American life as it's lived at the time and that particular book was written. In every life you get a point where you have to deal with something that's inexplicable to you, whether it's the doctor saying you have cancer or a prank phone call. So whether you talk about ghosts or vampires or Nazi war criminals living down the block, we're talking about the same thing, which is an intrusion of the extraordinary into ordinary life and how we deal with it. What this shows about our character and our interactions with others and the society we life in interests me a lot more than monsters and vampires, and ghouls and ghosts." Stephen King in an Interview to the Paris Review

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