Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stories with Phil the Trime Traveling R.O.U.S. 1:29

Yesterday Was Monday Theodore Sturgeon(1941)

Summary: Non Spoiler

  • Length: Sixteen Pages
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Category: Time Travel
  • Summary:

    Harry Wright went to bed on Monday night only to wake up on Wednesday. What happened to Tuesday? As he wakes up he finds himself stuck between acts in a place between time. Will he find his way back from a place in between today and tomorrow?
First Words
Harry Wright rolled over and said smothing spelled"Bzzhha-a-aw."
Last Words
And, still grinning, he went back into the garage and took out his tools.
Favorite Quote
Harry growled and started after him; but suddenly, in the air between him and the midget workman, a long white hand appeared. The empty air was swept back, showing an aperture from the garage to blank, blind nothingness. Out of it stepped a tall man in a single loose-fitting garment literally studded with pockets. The opening closed behind the man.
What I learned about Writing
Take something normal and expand the idea. What would happen if?... (the days were set up for the actors and what moves a day forward.)  And what is this time thing anyway? Time travel has so many possibilities to ravel, unravel, and re-examine our lives. February is a strange month. It is strange in the amount of its days, and that every four years their is an extra day; and the days are shorter which makes us feel weirder, so what better time than now to explore time and order with our R.O.U.S. named Phil.

Tidbits on Theodore Stugeon

  1. Sturgeon Rule: "Ninety percent of SF [science fiction] is crud, but then, ninety percent of everything is crud."
  2. He sold refrigerators door to door.
  3. His death from lung fibrosis may have been caused by exposure to asbestos during his Merchant Marine years.

Where to Find It

I found the story in the Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century published by Del Rey. Edited by Harry Turtledove.  

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