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Time Travel with Phil ROUS 7:29

Harvey the Rabbit

Death Ship by Richard Matheson (1953)

nothing but the ghost of space haunting the reflective consciousness." Henri Bergson
"Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think, I'm not going to make it, but you laugh inside — remembering all the times you've felt that way." — Charles Bukowski

Non Spoiler Summary

  • Length: 20 pages.
  • Genre: Science Fiction.
  • Category: Time Travel-Golden Age of Science Fiction.
  • Year Story Is to Take Place: 1997
  • Characters in Story: Mason, Captain Ross, Mickey,

What's It About, MAN?

Three astronauts find a wrecked space-craft. The space-craft holds their own bodies, dead, decaying, in the wreckage of time. They must find an answer to the paradox, what happens when you find yourself dead in the future, because you found yourself today through time travel. Or is this just an optical illusion? Or are they ghosts who haunt the planet trying to get home, but never quit getting there?

First Sentence


Last Sentence

"Progress," he said bitterly, and his voice was an aching whisper in the phantom ship."The Flying Dutchman takes to the universe."

Favorite Quote

It was as if some enormous child had lost fancy with the toy model and had dashed it to earth, stumped on it, banged on it insanely with a rock.

What I learned About Writing

Have a problem that needs to be solved. One can present two groups: one ruled by logic and military training; the other ruled by faith and inner belief. Which group will take control of the situation? Which group will have the best results?

Turnip Tidbits

  1. Matheson wrote I Am Legend.
    • Death Ship
    was made into a Twilight Zone Episode that aired on the fourth season.
  2. In the August 7, 2009, issue of Entertainment Weekly devoted to vampires, Anne Rice stated that when she was a child, Matheson's short story "A Dress Of White Silk", was a prime early influence on her interest in vampires and fantasy fiction. (Wikipedia Article on Matheson)

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