Friday, February 3, 2012

Time Traveling with Phill R.O.U.S. 3:29

The Star Mouse by Frederick Brown(1942)

  • Length: Nineteen Pages
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Category: Space Opera/Folk-Tale
  • Brief Summary

A technically minded professor hopes to send a rocket to the moon. He finds a mouse who he calls Mitkey (Mitkey is the way the German immigrant might pronounce Mickey). As he travels in space he runs into a dark planet called PRXL. What happens next is unbelievable!

Favorite Quote

You wouldn't think that an asteroid could reform a drunk, would you? But one Charles Winslow, a besotted citizen of Bridgeport, Connecticut, never too a drink when - right on Grove Street - mouse asked him the road to Hartford. The mouse was wearing bright red pants and vivid yellow gloves-

First Words

MITKEY THE MOUSE, wasn't Mitkey then.

Last Words

"Gootbye--"IT might, or might, not have, meant."

What I Learned About Writing

The dialogue use in this story shows the effects we have on things in our environment. The german dialect at first sounded awkward, but as the story progressed I was glad that he used it. Three Turnip Tips:

  1. Wrote the story Arena which also aired on Star Trek.
  2. Wrote the story Knock with its famous first lines. See an
    Knock - Fredric Brown by ">animated short for this story.
  3. He wrote noir dime novels which featured great first lines like: "There are few streets in America down which a man wearing a mask can walk without attracting undue attention." -Murder Can Be Fun (A Plot for Murder), 1948

Where to find the story?

One can find this story in the Science Fiction Anthology titled Adventures in Time and Space"

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