Friday, September 17, 2010

50 States of Reading: Wisconsin

BSI Lakeland, Florida- Loving Frank is a love story, or a passion story of two married people who find love outside of their marriages.  Amanda Ross in the Daily Mail of the U.K. poignantly tells why the story is important to readers today:

Nancy Horan grew up surrounded by the work of the celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in Oak Park, Illinois.  She lived on the same street as Lloyd Wright’s most infamous client, Mamah Borthwick Cheney, their affair rocked society yet very little has been written about her. Biographers of Lloyd Wright, and admirers of his work have glossed over the relationship, concerned that the unsavoury personal details would diminish his architectural achievements.  Nancy was fascinated by the highly educated Mamah, who inspired such passion in Frank that he left his wife and six children to be with her, a scandalous act at any time, but particularly so in 1909.

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A review by Gregorio Roth will be coming at the beginning of October... look for it!!!!!
This book represents Wisconsin

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