Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Preview: The Magicians-

Heartbreaking Return to the landscape of the Imagination
A Great Novel of Growing Up with Special Ability

My morning breakfast group discussed whether magical themed books are dangerous to readers?
Magic is neither good or bad but the use of it is highly dangerous.  Magic may be used for good or bad.  We feel that since man's heart is tainted from the day Eve ate the apple we are sinful creatures.  Thus our magic will often become a thing of monstrous ugliness. We should enjoy fiction for being fiction.  However, learning magic is another thing entirely, our hands are poisonous and can only cause harm in our manipulation of planet earth.

 I am enjoying the Magicians for being a work of fiction. I do not plan to do any magic tricks ever, for I am definitely a Niffin and would not be able to handle the art or the power of magic.

Check out the article from Christian for a counter viewpoint.  

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