Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twisted Up in Lehane: Review and Thoughts

Lehane takes a departure from his regular series and takes us to Shutter Island. This book is full of twists. 

Lehane called his book, homage to gothic, but also homage to B Movies and Pulp!" Teddy is on Shutter Island to find a missing mental patient. As you travel with him the story becomes more and more twisted, and more focused on Teddy’s case.  The story looks at mental health treatments of the past compared to methods used today.
You hear the whispering echoes of the past as you find more and more clues. All illusions of control and all surefooted terrain ware away as you get deeper and deeper into the twists of the story.  You will haunt your mind into many knotted knots. Your breath becomes stilled as you get caught in the currants off Shutter Island’s shore. The story line however stays constant and will all make sense in the ending conclusion. This book is a true joy.  
Lehane asks his readers, "What is the fine line between treatment and sterilization of the mind? 
This books is A definite cluck, cluck, cluck.  It will appeal to readers who like to read books with faulty narratives. 

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