Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where to Start? Live Music Archives

When you look at the list of bands on the LIVE MUSIC ARCHIVES you might begin a cold sweat, for there are so many bands, and many of these bands are bands that no one has heard about.

 Another way to find a new band to love is to look to the right of the band name, there is a number, this is the number of live recordings for each band, so if it has a large number might be a band you may want to check out.  
To get you started here are some bands that you might want to check out:
  1. Hank Williams The Third: He's just plain fun.  I love his hillbilly self.  His music is a mixture of punk sentiments mixed with good old country.  It is like Johnny Cash's live at Folsom came alive today for a new generation.*  Thank you Mr. Hank Williams III
  2. Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcracy:   Funky Hiphop with a conscious from San Francisco. 
  3. Drive by Truckers: Another band like Hank III but a little different.
  4. Fugazi: Great old school punk band.  Never got to see them live, but I stood in line with a can of food only to be turned away (a long story which will be published some day, when I am good and ready).
  5. Hackensaw Boys: A lot of 'tude and a lot of rhythm.  Enjoy.  
(One great way to listen to these shows is from EXFM where you can que all of the songs and let it play).

*If you are easily offended, or one of those San Francisco PETA types,  please don't check this out (unless of course you can just let things go and realize we all have our point of view, and its still a democractic nation).

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