Thursday, March 10, 2011

42 Days with Huck Finn 25:42

Feininger Longeuil

Democratic Intelligence 

Mississippi Pilgrims come
back "home" finding Madam
Death.  Who has made a deadly call?
Small coffins on Arkansas ground,

Duke thinks, "What great Profits in Death?"
"A golden laced dream", replies Huck.
"Lets play this emotive scheme!"

at a somber hour, songs from hymnals cry,
the crowd joins in triumphant melody,
music rises heart, better than sugared words.

Funeral Orgies, Public Scene-
Funeral Orgies, Public Scene?

A pruple storm cloud charged on by,
truthfully lit, lightning zigged from
Doctor Robinson's lips, "These men are bad,
frauds!" Pointing at the Holey Pilgrims.
"Their English accents betray 'em."

Townies sang back in repose,
a note of wary defiance.

Poem inspired by First Party at Ken Kessey's With the Hells Angels by Allen Ginsberg

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