Thursday, March 24, 2011

42 Days with Huck Finn 32:42

Black metal robots work the ash grey Grove,
in the heat of the day, sun shines the place.
The spinning wheel spins more and more and more.
Huck's lips quivered at the red clay disgrace.
Hear a quite hum, a blue note, dirty soooul.

Huck/the Hounds quickened to an embrace,
as if dancing to a beat out tune, to and fro,
foxtrot,side steps, a dance, a duet, of foes.
Backward went Huck's feet trying to exit, to leave,
but where was there to run. Would no one want
to change the path Crackers yearned to cleave?

God's providence is a mighty pursuivant,
Huck finds Tom Sawyers kin here amidst the plant (ation),
Cracker wives will  watch carefully and duly ward
the duties found for "pine-wood inhabitant"
And all for love, and nothing for reward:

O! Hounds a-smiling, but don't make good guards.

 Form and italic quotes: 
  • by  Edmond Spenser 
  • from The Faerie Queene II, Canto Viii, 1 and 2

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